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Master's admission

Master's Degree - professional educational training program of postgraduate education aimed at training scientific and pedagogical personnel with the award of the academic degree of «Master» in the relevant specialty


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Training is provided in two areas

Scientific and Pedagogical

Study period: 2 years

Scientific and pedagogical magistracy implements professional training programs of postgraduate education to prepare scientific and pedagogical personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and scientific sphere, having an advanced scientific and pedagogical training.

Graduates of scientific and pedagogical direction have the right to teach at the university.


Study period: 1 - 1.5 years

The profile master's program implements professional training programs of postgraduate education to train personnel for the sectors of economy, medicine, law, art, services and business with in-depth professional training. Educational programs of profile master's degree have an applied nature of training, are aimed at imparting managerial skills and providing training of professional managers (general managers in all aspects of management activities).

Educational programs

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Application deadlines

с 7 июня по 15 июля 2022 года

Timing of comprehensive testing

с 20 июля по 10 августа 2022 года

Work schedule of the Admissions Committee

Monday - Friday

9:00 - 18:00

    Document list

  • Application to the head of the organization
  • Education document (original + copy)
  • A copy of your ID card (bring the original)
  • Medical Certificate №075-U
  • 6 photos 3×4
  • A copy of the certificate of passing the comprehensive program test (if available)
  • IELTS, TOEFL certificate (if available)
  • Personnel record sheet and document confirming employment activity (for persons with employment history)

Individuals with one of the international certificates are exempt from the CT Foreign Language Test for the following languages: