Fomicheva Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Fomicheva Tatyana Aleksandrovna


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2000-2004, KSU named after Sh.Ualikhanov, Information systems in the economy2010-2012. KSU named after Sh.Ualikhanov, Computer Engineering and Software

Main courses taught

Operating Systems, Computer networks, Architecture and organization of computer systems, System programming, Software development tools, etc.

Academic title

Master of Engineering and Technology

Scientific direction

Information and communication technologies

Brief summary of scientific and social activities

Research of modern network technologies, Big Data mechanisms

Main scientific publications

  1. Development of electronic textbooks as a way to modernize the educational process in universities.
  2. Research of methods for improving the performance of computer networks
  3. Features of teaching computer graphics when teaching bachelors at a university
  4. Using Data Mining mechanisms in the development of customer service systems
  5. Application of the expert system
  6. The use of neural networks for content data collection tasks
  7. The contribution of the Academica project to the deployment of digital educational technologies and the development of open educational resources
  8. Development of a model of automation processes for data analysis and control at the enterprise
  9. Technologies for developing programs that implement the functions of a virtual interlocutor