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Integrating Water cycle management: building capability, capacity and impact in Education and Business – I-WEB

Project code 530718-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR

Grant coordinator Middlesex University

Project Description

The I-Web Project is aimed to strengthen the partnerships between business, regulatory and academic sectors at a national and international level through their collaborative development and delivering of integrated surface and groundwater management for Masters and PhD programmes. A key innovation is the nurturing of trustful relations between sectors through the co-identification of current and emerging graduate skill needs, the sharing of international best practice and the inclusion of business/regulatory expertise within teaching. Identified needs will be met through the development and modernisation of new and existing post-graduate programmes in line with Bologna objectives, with a clear focus on ensuring graduates develop skills required to support the sustainable use of surface and ground waters. Opportunities to broaden participation will be exploited through the development of strategies and mechanisms to deliver Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses.


The global goal of the project includes responding to the needs of industry science and practice by training students in TRS through best practices, and developing an understanding of the need and processes for stakeholder engagement.


Specific objectives of the project: to develop and deliver master's and doctoral programs in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process, to train Kazakhstani faculty and students on the ATI and to support a two-way dialogue between business, regulators and government agencies.


Contact Person: Dr. Lian Lundy