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Institute for Continuing Education

In order to implement the tasks of the idea of the President of the country K.-J. Tokayev
"Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness" by the order of the rector of the
NJSC Kokshetau University named after Sh. Ualikhanov, a structural unit Institute of
Continuing Education; was created (15.11.2021).
The purpose of the Institute of Continuing Education
Improvement and development of the lifelong education system in accordance with the
needs of the labor market and the intellectual socio-economic development of the region,
satisfying educational and professional needs, professional development of a person, ensuring
that his qualifications correspond to the changing conditions of professional activity and the
social environment.
The Institute of Continuing Education implements programs in the following areas:
Advanced training;
 Courses of additional education
 Pedagogical retraining of personnel;
 Trainings;
 Seminars;
 Webinars;
 Silver University

Students studying at INO and KU them. Sh. Ualikhanov have the opportunity to get
acquainted with the latest achievements of scientists conducting fundamental and applied
research in the relevant branches of natural and humanitarian sciences.
Under the leadership of leading scientists of the university - 95 candidates of sciences, 21
doctors of sciences and 24 PhDs, 62 foreign teachers, 410 faculty members. Training is carried
out on the basis of 2 institutes, 2 higher school, 18 departments, 1 research institute, 3 scientific
laboratories and 1 university research center according to flexible curricula with maximum
consideration of the needs of universities and the interests of students
Tasks of the Institute of Continuing Education:
•Determination of priority educational strategies for educators based on the principles of state
educational policy;
• Arming teachers with scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge;
• Development of scientific and practical methods of results-based education;
• Introduction of new pedagogical technologies in the educational process to improve the
qualifications of education workers in the region;
• Management and organization of experimental sites and research;
• Dissemination of advanced teaching experience, provision of teaching aids for teachers;
• Release of information and teaching materials;
• Organization of retraining courses for each industry, taking into account the specific
development of the region by establishing business contacts, creating an effective system of
professional development of personnel;
• Development of teaching materials for training various categories of specialists.
Main types of work:
• Creation of an effective system of professional development of personnel with the National
Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken", the Department of Education of the Akmola region,
education departments of the Akmola region, taking into account the specifics of the
development of the region of retraining courses;
• Expansion of professional opportunities by obtaining additional qualifications due to changes
in the structure of the labor market;
• Improving the professional level of pedagogy and management personnel;
• Strengthening cooperation between the University and employers;
• Development of an effective model for the professional development of Kazakhstan based on
international experience;
• Organization of digital literacy courses for teachers.


Silver University


Additional education

Advanced training

Contact details of the department

Phone numbers:

Kokshetau Abaya 76 str., Educational and administrative (main) building, office: 402, 403
Kalymova Asel Kairatovna
Head of Department

Kalymova Asel Kairatovna

Phd doctor


Moldahmetova Nurbakhyt Abaevna

-Master of Science in the specialty: Social Work, Finance


Agbaeva Gulnur Khamitovna

Bachelor in the specialty: Social work, Kazakh language and literature