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Sadvakasov agrotechnical institute

Sadvakasov agrotechnical institute

The training of highly qualified agrarian and technical personnel, the popularization and promotion of economic specialties, contributes to the formation of competitive specialists focused on the development of high technologies in the economy, science and technology.

August 1, 1979 - the beginning of the formation of higher agricultural education in the Kokchetav region. The Kokchetav branch of the Tselinograd Agricultural Institute was opened, in which the training of agricultural and economic personnel began.

The institute has formed a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical team, including professors and doctors of sciences, associate professors and candidates of sciences. More than 56 full-time teachers are training bachelors and undergraduates. Of these, 6 doctors of sciences, 16 candidates of sciences, 7 PhD doctoral students, 29 masters.

To date, 619 students are studying at the institute, as well as 24 undergraduates and 11 doctoral students. Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages.

To maintain the educational process at a high level, the institute has created an appropriate material and technical base. The educational buildings have modern laboratories and computer labs equipped with the necessary equipment and instruments. In the educational process, modern educational technologies are used. The library provides scientific and informational services for students. There is a fitness center, an assembly hall and a dining room.

At the Department of Economics and Accounting, there is a branch on the basis of the existing LLP "Softmaster" for continuous training of accountants and economists, for students in the educational programs "Agronomy", "Agricultural machinery and technology", "Technology of production of livestock products", a branch was opened on the basis of LLP "Eurasia" group "," Gormolzavod "and in JSC" Zhusan Bank "opened a branch for students on the educational program" Finance ". For educational and demonstration purposes, an experimental educational, scientific and production complex "Elite" was organized in the village of Vasilkovka, Zerendinsky district, Akmola region. It is gratifying to note that graduates of our educational programs work in all sectors of the economy.

The presence of a complex of technical means for digital technologies of agriculture will form the professional competence of a specialist in the agricultural industry.

By making the right choice today, you will get a decent future tomorrow!

Zhaparova Sayagul Beketovna

Head of the S. Sadvakasov agrotechnical Institute


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