Main directions of activity:

  1. Organization and planning of the educational process. Control over the implementation of the requirements of the state compulsory standard of higher education and educational programs for the preparation of bachelors;
  2. Development of educational, methodological, informational, regulatory and organizational documentation for the implementation of the educational process at the university;
  3. Оказание методической консультации при составлении образовательных программ (учебных планов, каталогов элективных дисциплин), работа в программе ЕСУВО по внесению в Реестр образовательных программ, формирование рабочих учебных планов, анализ расчета часов кафедр, контроль за выполнением академического календаря;
  4. Organizing and conducting seminars, conferences, meetings to improve educational and methodological work, Participation in the implementation of the innovative development program of the JCS “Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau University” (preparation and holding of seminars, master classes, etc. corresponding to the innovative status together with the departments and services of the university), fulfillment of the action plan for the implementation of educational programs of trilingual education;
  5. Coordination and control of educational and methodological activities of university departments;
  6. Analysis of topics of diploma works and diploma projects, сoordination of work on the formation of the composition of the final certification commission, monitoring the progress of the final certification;
  7. Planning and organization of work on methodological support of departments and divisions of the university (educational programs, curricula, teaching materials of disciplines);
  8. organization and coordination of work on conducting subject student Olympiads at various levels;
  9. Collecting, processing and entering data for participation in the rating of Atameken educational programs;
  10. Registration of documents for hourly payment of invited teachers and production workers, final attestation chairmen, reviewers;
  11. Preparation of materials for the academic-methodical Council of the University (formation of the thematic plan, expertise of educational-methodical publications) and the Academic Council of the University;
  12. Preparation of the schedule of classes, interim and final attestation. Control over the implementation of the schedule of classes.


The results of educational programs rating conducted by “Atameken”, Chamber of Entrepreneurs in the Republic of Kazakhstan