About me:

by specialization coach, consulting psychologist, program coach. Graduated from the University of Practical Psychology in Moscow

psychological practice for more than 6 years. The author of his own developed programs on the topics of personal growth. The creator of the online psychology studio Zhamal Shonatayeva

corrective assistance was provided to more than 3,000 Russian-speaking people from all over the world, +1,500 hours of individual consultations were conducted

Ualikhanov University has a psychological counseling office. Here you can get professional psychological and consultative assistance from a specialist psychologist.

What kind of request can I ask for help?

How do I sign up?

If you want to sign up for a personal consultation, then write about it to WhatsApp +77076932435 Zhamal ShonatayevaYou can sign up or ask a question absolutely anonymouslyAdmission to the consultation is conducted in the main building of the University, 6th floor, 602 office.

Sincerely, your psychologist Zhamal Shonatayeva