Information on scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects of grant financing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1) Grant funding for the research of young scientists under the Zhas Galim project for 2022-2024 (implementation period of 28 months)

Brief information about the project

Project topic

AP14972658 Improvement of the technology of cultivation of sweet clover for seeds according to the "green" principle with elements of organic farming in the conditions of the Akmola region

Project manager

Suraganov Miras Nurbayevich PhD

Terms of implementation


The amount of financing

18 999 696 tenge


Kazakhstan's potential in meat production is high, as the country's natural climatic conditions allow the development of animal husbandry. That is, due to its geographically advantageous location, and not only a wide pasture, which is a natural opportunity, Kazakhstan can have a clear priority in meat exports. In this regard, it is currently necessary to make extensive use of highly productive crops and perennial forage grasses in addressing issues of full coverage of the domestic market by the production of animal feed. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, since many agricultural enterprises are engaged in animal husbandry, including cereals, a full-fledged feed base is being formed. This study considers improving the quality of feed, especially protein, sugar, and carotene. The sanctions imposed on Russia certainly affect the agro-industrial complex of our country, particularly the issue of seeds provision. As a result, this can lead to an acute shortage of forage crop seeds. The lack of a domestic seed base for leading agricultural crops has been worrying farmers for several years, so for import substitution we need to reorient ourselves to domestic seeds.


To improve the technology of cultivating sweet clover for seeds according to the "green" principle with elements of organic farming in the conditions of the Akmola region.

Project results

  1. Determination of the effect of various types of fertilizers on the content of coumarin and its derivatives in the vegetative mass of the clover;
  2. The effect of growth stimulants on laboratory, field germination, feed value and yield of the green mass of the clover;
  3. Study of the effect of methods of using growth stimulants on the seed productivity of the clover;
  4. In 2024, two (2) articles in journals with at least 50 percentiles of CiteScore will be published in the Scopus database.