Ensuring the activities of the organization: maintenance of buildings, premises, equipment (heating systems, water supply, ventilation, electrical networks, etc.), planning, organizing and monitoring their maintenance and major repairs, supply of equipment, household tools, means of mechanization of engineering and managerial nature. labor, organization of transport and labor protection. Organizational and methodological management and control of the activities of the organization’s structural divisions on issues of economic services, rational use of material and financial resources, and safety of the organization’s property.

Preparation and presentation of information and analytical materials on the state and prospects for the development of economic support for the organization’s activities, development of proposals for improving the DHW service.

Improving and introducing new methods of work of the organization, including through the use of modern information technologies.Participation in the preparation and implementation of management decisions on issues of environmental protection to ensure the activities of the organization. Control, within the limits of its competence, regarding compliance with the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, fire safety rules, safety standards, timely compliance with the necessary measures when violations are detected. Management of the relevant documentation established by regulatory legal acts, provision of statistical and other information on the activities of the AChC in a timely manner.Solving other problems in accordance with the recommendations of the academies.Planning, organization and control of administrative and economic support for the activities of the academy. Housekeeping and ensuring operating condition in accordance with the rules and regulations of industrial sanitary and fire protection of buildings and premises in which the academy's divisions are identified, monitoring the serviceability of equipment (lighting, heating systems, ventilation, etc.).Participation in the inventory of buildings, premises, equipment in order to monitor their safety and technical condition.Planning current and major repairs of fixed assets (buildings, water supply systems, air ducts and other structures), compiling accounting of business expenses. Repair of premises, quality control of repair work. Ensuring the organization of equipment, household inventory, means of mechanization of engineering and management work, monitoring their rational use, safety, and carrying out timely repairs. Preparation of necessary documents for concluding contracts for work and provision of services to third parties.

Receiving and storing office supplies, household materials, equipment, inventory, providing them to the structural divisions of the organization, accounting for their expenses and drawing up established reporting. Control over the reasonable use of material and financial resources offered for business purposes.Improvement, landscaping, cleaning of the territory, festive decoration of the facades of the academy buildings.Housekeeping services for meetings, conferences, seminars and other events. Organization of transport activities of the Academy. In accordance with the current rules and regulations, organization of operation and timely repair of technical equipment (electrical networks, heating systems, ventilation, etc.), emergency provision of buildings and premises by the organization of electricity, heat, gas, water, control over their rational consumption. Organization and provision of access control. Organization and control of the activities of administrative and economic service warehouses. Carrying out awareness-raising work among scientific academies aimed at ensuring the safety and maintenance of buildings, premises and property, careful handling of equipment and economical use of material and energy resources (electricity, water, office supplies, consumables, etc. ).Carrying out fire-fighting and anti-epidemic measures.Availability within its competence and functions in accordance with the requirements and objectives of the academies.