Professional development:

Professional development is a type of additional professional education/training of employees, in the course of which the level of theoretical knowledge, improvement of practical skills and abilities in accordance with the requirements of professional standards for a given specialty is improved. Training is realized in the form of courses of different duration and intensity

Enrollment to advanced training courses is carried out:


Silver University

Since November 3, 2021 in Kokshetau University named after Sh. Ualikhanov. Sh. Ualikhanov Silver University functions as an informational form of social and pedagogical services for elderly residents of Kokshetau city. In the Silver University 112 students of English language, digital and computer literacy, Kazakh language, psychology, art, gardening, physical education and sports, physiotherapy and physical therapy courses are trained. Classes are conducted once a week by experienced, qualified teachers of the university. After completion of the full course (72 hours) on May 25, 2022, all students will be awarded certificates.

Courses of pedagogical retraining

One of the activities of the Institute of Continuing Education is the organization of professional retraining courses.

According to the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from March 17, 2020 № 110 courses of pedagogical retraining are held by the university for persons with professional education, who do not have a pedagogical education, for the first time embarking on the professional activity of a teacher in the relevant profile.

The content of the educational program of the courses consists of psychological and pedagogical disciplines (30 academic credits) and pedagogical practice (10 credits). The list, content and volume of disciplines of the educational program are determined in accordance with the Professional standard of a teacher, qualification requirements for a teacher.

Mastering of the educational program of pedagogical retraining will be completed by final certification. Final attestation of students will include passing final exams on psychological and pedagogical disciplines.

The results of training on retraining courses must correspond to the labor functions (teaching, educational, methodical, research and socio-communicative) and levels of the professional standard of a teacher.

Enrollment in pedagogical retraining courses shall be carried out: