The medical service has been operating since 1996, since the founding of the University on the basis of a license to work with medical activities.

The medical facility is located in a building on Temirbekov Street 35, i.e. within walking distance from the university.

The staff of the medical and preventive service consists of :

therapist - Mukhanbedzhanova M.Z.

nurses - Serdinskaya A.K.,. Brkenova A.K., Ibraeva A.Zh., Suenbayeva A.Zh., Galieva G.S.

The Medical and preventive service serves University students and students of the "Multidisciplinary College" at the University.

Paramedic of the medical center of the main building Serdinskaya Amina Kasymovna – providing first aid to students and university staff. The medical point is equipped according to the San Pin of 12.08.20, No. 21080

Nurse Brkenova Alma Kazestaevna provides first aid to students in Arasan dormitory and in the hostel on 146, Dzhambul Str.,

Nurse of the Faculty of Law ИIbraeva Asem Zhaksylykovna provides first aid to students and staff in the University campuses and dormitory at 47, Sadvakasova

Nurse Suenbayeva Alma Zhambulovna - providing first aid to students and staff in the main building and in the dormitory on Kuanysheva 170a, bath and laundry complex, FOK.

Nurse of the Akana Seri Building (old building) and college Galieva Gulnar Sadykovna - providing first aid to students and staff in the academic building and the Akana Seri 24 dormitory, gym. The medical center is equipped according to the San PIN.

The bulk of students are attached to the student polyclinic "Panacea", where there are all conditions for the treatment and rehabilitation of students. There are offices of internists, an optometrist, a neurologist, a cardiologist, a surgeon, a gynecologist, as well as ultrasound equipment, an electrocardiograph, an X-ray room.

We separately conduct outpatient admission of students and first aid together with a therapist, work is underway to identify and "D" account for sick students, ongoing monitoring of the sanitary and hygienic condition of classrooms.

Control is being carried out over the sanitary books of university students who go to practical classes in kindergartens, schools, agricultural enterprises. facilities, in GOK, construction facilities, etc. to students of all courses.

During the summer practices in the SOL "Tulpar" medical care is provided with departure for the entire period of students' stay in the camp. We provide medical assistance during UNT, KTA, VAUD, etc. testing on weekends and with a recall during a work vacation. We serve all sports events that are held within the walls of the university.

A large, constant work is being carried out on planning and conducting a FLUORO EXAMINATION of STUDENTS and working with fluorocartex in attached polyclinics.

Annually, together with the staff of the drug dispensary, we conduct drug testing among students. We organize round tables on various topics with employees of the HLS and AIDS center.

Active participation in all seminar events of the polyclinic service of the city, epid. supervision,. involvement of V.conducting lectures of medical workers of other medical and preventive institutions in Kokshetau.

Conversations on the prevention of socially significant diseases and proper nutrition, carry out work on the prevention of substance abuse and drug addiction, alcoholism and tobacco smoking.