Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

2 years

Objectives of the educational program

  • Training of scientific and pedagogical personnel able to develop modern innovative technologies in the scientific sphere in the field of agronomy, development of personal, General cultural and professional competences, improvement of skills of their implementation in research activity in modern conditions of economic, scientific and technical development of the Republic of Kazakhstan


It consists in the successful implementation of research work in the field of crop production, preservation and improvement of soil fertility, in the ability to apply modern methods, information and innovative technologies in research and production processes, to conduct professional pedagogical activities in higher and professional educational institutions

  • History and philosophy of sciences
  • Foreign language (Professionally)
  • Higher School Pedagogy
  • Psychology of management
  • Reseach culture and scientific ethics
  • Teaching training
  • The methodology of experimental work
  • Theoretical bases of crop
  • Patenting and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Prospective RK field and forage crops
  • Моделирование в агрономии Агрономиядағы модельдеу Modeling in agronomy
  • Agrobiological foundations of resource-saving technologies of cultivation of field crops
  • Research training
  • Selection and biotechnological methods of replenishment of the gene pool of plants
  • Theoretical Foundations of Modern seed and seed crops
  • Management and decision-making in accurate agriculture
  • Conformity assessment of crop production
  • Modern crop protection agents
  • Evaluation of the quality of crop production
  • Biological control of crop protection
  • Advanced and less common cultures of Northern Kazakhstan
  • Agrolandscape farming system
  • Modern methods of producing and breeding varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops
  • Adaptive selection technology

Learning outcomes and competencies

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