Kazakh language and literature
Educational program code


Language of instruction


Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects

Kazakh language
Kazakh literature

Objectives of the educational program

Training of bachelors of education who possess theoretical and methodological knowledge of the kazakh language and literature in accordance with the updated content of Education, have developed research skills, respect for human values

  • Introduction to the pedagogical profession
  • Development physiology of pupils
  • Рedagogy
  • Inclusive education
  • Theory and methods of educational work
  • Criteria-based assessment technology
  • Management and digitalization of education
  • Academic writing
  • Lexicology and lexicography of the modern Kazakh language
  • Phonetics of the modern Kazakh language and history of Kazakh written language
  • Kazakh oral folk literature
  • The office work and latin graphics
  • Translation studies
  • Introduction to Literary Studies

  • Introduction to linguistics and the basics of the modern Kazakh language
  • Practical kazakh language
  • Wordbuilding in the modern Kazakh language
  • Morphology of modern Kazakh language
  • The syntax of the simple sentence in the modern Kazakh language
  • Gender and cognitive linguistics
  • Russian Russian-Kazakh comparative grammar and the basics of modern Russian language
  • History Language and Comparative Grammar of Turkic Languages
  • Philological analysis of texts
  • Axiolinguistics
  • Children's literature
  • The literature in ancient times and during the reign of khans
  • The history of the Kazakh literature in the XIX century
  • The history of Kazakh literature: twentieth century (1900-1960)
  • Methods of teaching the Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language of instruction
  • Fundamentals of speech communication
  • General Linguistics
  • Functional grammar
  • History of the Kazakh literary language
  • Stylistics of the Kazakh language and the linguistic analysis of a literary text
  • Theory of Literature and History of Kazakh literature critics
  • Special course: Abay studies and Kukishinden
  • The history of the Kazakh literature in the II half of the XX century (1960-2022)

Learning outcomes and competencies

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