Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

Learning level


Duration of study

2 years

Objectives of the educational program

  • Preparation of masters in the scientific field, development of students' personal qualitiesand formation of general cultural and professional competencies (projective, investigative, communicative, managerial, critical andexpert, pedagogical) competences, skills development, and application of the acquired knowledge in science and teaching activities.

The relevance

The educational program is aimed at the development of personal qualities amongundergraduates, the formation of general cultural and professional competencies, the development of skills for their implementationin practice in accordance with modern conditions of economic and scientific and technical development of the Republic ofKazakhstan

  • History and philosophy of science
  • Foreign language (professional)
  • Pedagogy of higher education
  • Management psychology
  • Research culture and scientific ethics
  • Teaching practice
  • Modern problems of General biology
  • Gene fund and plant breeding
  • Methods of teaching biology in highereducation
  • Bioecology of the Kazakhstan boreal zone
  • Soil biology
  • Research practice
  • Modern research methods
  • Physicochemical methods of research in biology
  • Organization and planning of scientific research
  • Biological statistics
  • Informatization and computerization of scientific research
  • Methods for the search and analysis of scientific information in Biology
  • Evolutionary morphology and phylogeny of animals
  • Animal Ethology
  • Introduction and acclimatization of plants
  • Botanical resources of Kazakhstan
  • Modern problems of plant physiology
  • Modern problems of human and animal physiology
  • Research work for the Master’ degree including an internship andMaster's thesis
  • Preparation and defense of Master's Thesis

Learning outcomes and competencies

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