Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level

Doctoral Studies

Duration of study

3 year

Objectives of the educational program

Training of scientific and pedagogical and research personnel on the basis of the development of theoretical knowledge of historical science, with the aim of their application in pedagogical activity and in scientific applied activity.

  • Research Methods
  • Academic writing
  • Philosophy of History
  • Nomadic Societies in Historical Process Theories
  • Problems of periodization of the history of Kazakhstan
  • Historical science and modern theories
  • Actual problems of historical research

Learning outcomes and competencies

- Demonstrate knowledge of scientific schools, theories and concepts of history in order to predict the consequences of historical events of modernKazakhstan and global politics in the world.

- Apply the structure of historical research and methodology using digital and information technologies on the topics of scientific research.

- Solve professional tasks through heuristic approaches with a reasoned own conclusion, objectively evaluate and be tolerant of judgments and ideas of the scientific community, conduct a dialogue, business correspondence

- Use in practice knowledge and the ability to perform tasks in accordance with the specified standards, to act successfully on the basis of practical experience, skills and knowledge in solving professional problems, to make judgments, assess ideas and formulate conclusions, critically analyze;

- Synthesize new and complex ideas for working with historical sources and special literature

- To offer non-standard scientifically grounded research on the history of the region for the creation of tourist cluster routes in the Akmola region.

- Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main trends in the field of humanitarian disciplines, develop arguments when analyzing the point of view of famous historians to study white spots on the history of northern Kazakhstan;

- Integrate our own research with the historical science of the country, openly communicate their knowledge and achievements to colleagues and the general public by publishing monographs and textbooks with new content and publications at the national and international level.