Pedagogy of preschool education
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

1-2 year

Objectives of the educational program

  • Training of masters who have the competencies necessary for training in the field of pedagogy and methods of primary education at a level recognized by the international community and meeting the needs of the society of the Republic of Kazakhstan at all levels and stages of education, including higher, postgraduate and additional professional education.
  • Practical application of the system of psychological and pedagogical knowledge, methods of education and training of younger students.
  • The use of innovative techniques and approaches in the organization of the educational process in elementary school.
  • Mastering research culture and scientific ethics.


In connection with the reform of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the updated content of education, the role of the elementary school teacher is changing. In this regard, it is necessary to ensure the implementation of national programs in the field of training for primary education (SCES, SPED), which requires the expansion and deepening of the knowledge of undergraduates in current areas of pedagogy of primary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world, the formation of a systematic understanding of its leading concepts and scientific methods. research; improving the competencies and skills of scientific and pedagogical activities to solve specific professional tasks and carry out scientific research in the field of primary school education and training.


Compliance with the trends of the modern approach in the field of preschool education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.Change in the organizations of educational activities for the implementation of preschool education programs.The list of EP disciplines is aimed at developing competencies that meet the requirements of employers.Ensuring the implementation of the state educational standard, taking into account the regional needs of the labor market and the needs of students.

Fields of activity and professions

pedagogical profile, employee of research divisions of foundations and private primary schools, university teacher, research fellow of the Research Institute, head of primary school, pre-school training center, head of the methodological service in primary school, leading specialist of state bodies on primary education, teacher of pedagogical disciplines in educational institutions of VET and post-secondary education, consultant on primary education in the authorities public administration, regional education system, family counseling.

  • Scientific foundations of elementary school pedagogy
  • Theory and practice of natural science education of primary school students
  • Modern problems of science and primary education
  • Research practice
  • Mathematical education of a younger student
  • Philological education of junior schoolchildren
  • Acmeology of a primary education teacher
  • Тheory and Methods of Primary School Teacher Training
  • Modern approaches in teaching and educating younger students
  • Socialization of a younger student
  • Inclusive education and correctional activities with younger students/
  • Theory and practice of the development of communicative competencies of a younger student

Learning outcomes and competencies

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