Sustainable agriculture and rural development
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

2 years

Objectives of the educational program

7M04103 "Sustainable agriculture and rural development" is in harmony with the strategic goals and mission of the university development and consists in training personnel, the need for which is due to the agrarian and industrial orientation of the region.

  • Management Psychology
  • History of the Philosophy of Science
  • Higher school pedagogy
  • Research culture and scientific ethics
  • Foreign language (professional)
  • Pedagogical practice
  • Agroecotourism
  • Technologies of sustainable agriculture (crop production)
  • Food security and quality control of food from plant raw materials
  • Statistical support of rural development
  • Development of information and consulting services in rural areas
  • National Innovative Economy (advanced course)
  • Innovative economic development
  • Sustainable Agriculture Technologies (animal husbandry)
  • Food security and quality control of food from animal raw materials
  • Rural sociology
  • Involvement of the population in the development of rural areas
  • Organic agriculture

Learning outcomes and competencies

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