Tioline, a Limited Liability Partnership (Kazakhstan) in collaboration with a Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau University and National Research Tomsk State University (Russian Federation) is pleased to announce an exciting competition. We are searching for research work in the areas of geology, mining the extraction of noble metals as well, as the development of innovative materials derived from them.

Specialists from various industrial, scientific, and scientific-educational organizations are invited to participate in a research contest. Research contest is a fantastic way to encourage collaboration and innovation in various fields.

The aim of the competition is to recognize best research in the fields of geology, mining and the extraction of metals including rare earth and noble metals. The ultimate goal is to determine the winner who has made contributions in these areas.

The VI International Symposium, "Fundamental Issues of Geology, Mining, Separation of Rare, Rare-Earth, Noble Metals, and the Creation of Modern Materials Derived from Them," will honor the competition winners. They will receive the prestigious Slavsky E.P. Gold Medal, the Takezhanov S.T. Silver Medal, and a cash prize generously sponsored by "Tioline" LLP.The conte¬st participants must adhere to seve¬ral main requirements.

Firstly, the¬ir work should be submitted ele¬ctronically and be written in one of the¬ three languages: Kazakh, Russian, or English. Additionally, e¬ach submission must include an abstract that provides a brief de¬scription (limited to one page) of the¬ scientific research work. The¬ abstract should be signed by the author/authors and provide¬d in all three languages me¬ntioned earlier. T

Для участия в конкурсе необходимо выслать анкету на электронную почту ree.symposium@ gmail.com . Прием анкет и научно-исследовательских работ проводится до 1 декабря 2023 года (включительно). Результаты проведенного конкурса будут объявлены до 1 февраля 2024 года.


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