Six employees of Nazarbayev University arrived at Ualikhanov University as part of the exchange of experience among Kazakhstani universities.

Meetings were held with the departments of digitalization and the admission committee of Ualikhanov University. The speakers were Asel Zheksenbekova, Senior Student Admission Manager, and Lyazzat Misalimova, Student Admission Manager at NU.

Academic writing instructors met with students, with future teachers – Marilyn Plumlee on the topic "Academic Writing: Literature Reviews" and Annick Durand on the topic "Cover Letters" and with teachers and students Andrew Drybrough on the topic "Academic English for Teachers and Students.

Professor and Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the School of Public Policy Ricardo Pelizzo met with colleagues from Ualikhanov University. Ricardo Pelizzo shares his experience for the second time. He spoke on the topic of how educational programs were developed.

The meetings were held in English and covered more than 130 students and teaching staff. We are glad to have an effective cooperation