On May 9, 2024, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Paulius Dobožinskas, head of the Hybrid Laboratory (simulation center), Professor Ingrida Janulevičiene, Dean of International Relations and Programs, and Deputy Dean of Postgraduate Education, Arvydas Gelžinis. Our discussions primarily centered around collaborative efforts on cardiology residency. The Lithuanian Medical University holds teaching expertise across 46 residency specialties and operates clinics with 2,200 seats. Moving forward, our collaboration aims to facilitate student and resident internships, as well as attract renowneed professors in the field of cardiology.

On May 10, we met with Dr. Inga Žalėnienė, Rector of Mykolas Romeris University. Since our partnership initiation in 2021, Ualikhanov University has sent over 10 students for mobility exchanges with MRU. We are currently working on facilitating student participation in the "Translation Studies" dual-degree program. We look forward to develop joint programs and collaborative research projects, with a focus on pedagogical field of preschool and primary education.