The courses are developed using the most modern methods and technologies. The student willreceive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills necessary for a successful careerin the field of public health. Read more in the material of Aqmola News correspondentMahabbat Bolshina.

In a world where every step matters to preserve public well-being, public health professionalsplay a key role. Today, as global health challenges become increasingly complex, we need newgenerations of passionate people who can tackle these challenges with courage and effectiveness.It is for this purpose that a unique educational program “Public Health” was launched atKokshetau University named after Sh. Ualikhanov.

Director of the Higher School of Medicine Svetlana Muratbekova said that this educationalprogram was developed last year as part of the international project LMQS, funded by theErasmus + Program of the European Union.

“We live in an era where public health is becoming a top priority. The Public Health educationalprogram offers you a unique opportunity to be part of the solution to global health problems. Itwas assessed by the grandholders of the LMQS project: the University of Western Attica(Athens, Greece) and the University of the Cote d'Azur (Nice, France). Our courses aredeveloped using the most modern methods and technologies. And most importantly, the programopens up broad prospects for career growth. You can work in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, medical centers and many other areas,” emphasized SvetlanaMuratbekova.

The Public Health educational program covers various aspects of public health, includingepidemiology, health policy, healthy lifestyles and hygiene, and more. Everyone will be able tochoose a direction that suits their interests and goals.

The project's teachers are professionals working at the forefront of healthcare. They will sharetheir experience and knowledge to help you become a public health expert.

After completing the program and successful final certification, the degree “Bachelor of Health”is awarded, a diploma of higher education is issued with a transcript and (or) a pan-Europeandiploma supplement (Diploma Supplement), which allows you to obtain a certificate as aspecialist in the field of health. Duration of study 5 years. Form of study - full-time.

After graduation, this specialist can work: in the department of therapeutic and preventiveactivities, provision of medicines and medical equipment; department of epidemiologicalcontrol; in the department of quality and safety of medical services; in the laboratory of sanitaryand hygienic examination.

Recruitment is also carried out under a shortened program after graduating from medicalcolleges, specialties: “laboratory diagnostics”, “hygiene and epidemiology”. Duration of trainingis 4 years.

For detailed information, please contact the admissions committee of the University named afterSh. Ualikhanov:

A.Zh. Kosmagambetov,

Address: Kokshetau, st. Abaya, 76, room 105

The head of the EP is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Director of the Higher School of MedicineS.K. Muratbekova

Developer of the EP - Lecturer of the Department of Morphology, Physiology and GeneralPathology N.A. Murzagulov