We live in an era where health is a top priority, which is why public health professionals areespecially in demand. A unique educational program of Kokshetau University named after. Sh.Ualikhanov gives the opportunity to become such a professional.

– The development of the “Public Health” program began in 2021, and the first group wasrecruited in the summer of 2023. Many children dream of becoming doctors. And doctors trainedin the “Public Health” program can solve health problems on a large scale,” says the programdeveloper, lecturer at the Department of Morphology, Physiology and General PathologyNurymzhan Murzagulov.

The educational program was implemented within the framework of the international projectLMQS, funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union. All stages of developmentwere assessed by the grand holders of the project - the University of Western Attica (Athens,Greece) and the University of the Cote d'Azur (Nice, France). The course is developed using themost modern methods and technologies. Students will receive not only theoretical knowledge,but also practical skills necessary for a successful career.

The program covers various aspects of public health, including epidemiology, health policy,healthy lifestyles and hygiene, and more. Students will subsequently be able to choose adirection that suits their interests and goals.

– We provide broad prospects for career growth. Graduates will be able to work in governmentagencies, non-governmental organizations, medical centers, laboratories and many other areas,notes Nurymzhan Abayevich.

Zhuldyz Sayranova is a first-year student and has never regretted her choice of future profession.

– I like the specialty because in five years we have the opportunity to obtain a higher educationin the field of medicine and work in various fields, from clinics and sanitary and epidemiologicalcontrol to the administration of healthcare institutions. I like studying at the university, there aregood teachers here and the course itself is very interesting,” shares Zhuldyz.

During the holidays, the student gave a talk on career guidance at her school and noted that manygraduates who later wanted to connect their lives with medicine became interested in this area.

You can also obtain an in-demand profession through a shortened program after graduating frommedical college in the specialties “laboratory diagnostics” and “hygiene and epidemiology.”