Ualikhanov University is today a strong regional university, the center of social development of the region, for more than 60 years we have been providing high-quality training of competent, competitive personnel.

  • We consistently cooperate with leading universities in Europe. The University coordinates, develops and implements joint educational projects within the framework of the European programs: Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE and Erasmus+ KA1 ICM.
  • The high performance of our university is noted in the framework of cooperation with the National Office of Erasmus+. Since 2008, 19 projects funded by the European Union have been implemented at our university.
  • Thanks to the development of international cooperation with Wismar Hochschule (Germany), a master's degree program "Waste Management" was developed and launched, aimed at training young scientists in solving environmental problems in the region.🇰🇿 🇩🇪 This week was full of meetings, negotiations with the German university Wismar and their partners.
  • The meetings were held at the factory in Schwerin, attended a class on international economics, studied the experience of the innovation park. The purpose of the project is to study and implement the experience of a cyclical economy, companies shared their experience of reducing waste in production, for example, at a heating plant in the southern part of the city of Schwerin, we got acquainted with how a thermal power plant generates heat and electricity at the same time. The hybrid power plant also operates on solar panels and uses biomass from corn.

Further cooperation was consolidated by discussing future plans with the leadership of Hochschule Wismar. The meeting was held with the Rector, Professor Bodo Wiegand - Hofmeister. We discussed issues on joint educational projects on tourism and transport. There are also expanding opportunities for our students and teachers in the framework of the exchange.