Dear students!

Ualikhanov university has a psychological counseling office. Here you can get professional psychological and advisory help from a psychologist.

What kind of request can I ask for help with?

  • • Diffidence
  • • Low self-esteem
  • • Rejection of oneself (for example, one’s personal qualities or one’s body)
  • • Strong self-criticism
  • • Problems in relationships with parents (misunderstanding, conflicts, negative emotions during communication, difficulties in the department)
  • • Difficulties in building or maintaining relationships (difficulties in communicating with people, conflicts, breakups)
  • • Difficulties in realizing your goals, plans, and main life goals
  • • Life crises (lack of understanding of what is happening, where to move next, loss of meaning in life)
  • • Consequences of violence experienced (psychological, physical or sexual)
  • • Tense state, increased anxiety
  • • Depressed, depressed state, apathy
  • • Dependence on other people's assessments, opinions, feelings
  • • Emotional problems (misunderstanding of one’s feelings, difficulties in expressing emotions, inability to control one’s feelings, frequent emotional outbursts)
  • Stress, development of self-regulation skills
  • • Dissatisfaction with life and feelings of meaninglessness
  • • Loneliness
  • • The feeling that life is passing, but nothing changes in it
  • • Lack of understanding of your desires, emotions, reactions and actions
  • • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • • Inability to say “no” to people

… and much more.

How to sign up?

If you want to sign up for a personal consultation, then write about it on Whats App


You can sign up or ask a question completely anonymously.

Reception for consultation is conducted in the main building of the university, 6th floor, room 602.

Sincerely, psychologists Altyn Manapova and Ainash Abitaeva