Within the framework of launching the Jean Monnet module, on November 9, 2023, at Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau University, the official presentation of the project “European Union: Promoting Cultural Diversity and Tolerance” (Jean Monnet Module “EUDIVE” Project number: 101127635) was held. The project is coordinated by the head of “Serpin” project office A.E.Ismagulova, assistant professor E.F.Gerfanova, and associate professor G.M.Rakisheva. The kick-off meeting was attended by Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Infrastructure Development Zh.O.Sagyndykova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs N.A.Medetov, head of the Center for International Project Management A.E. Orynbaeva, representatives of the university’s institutes and schools, department directors and the teaching staff.

A Jean Monnet module is a short-term educational program focusing on European studies. The primary objective of the EUDIVE module is to incorporate European experience and intercultural diversity practices into the educational programs of Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau University.

During the meeting, a brief overview of the Jean Monnet module EUDIVE was presented, outlining its goals and expected outcomes. Additionally, discussions took place regarding the potential integration of the module into the university’s educational programs.