I am Sahul Hameed Mohamed Wasim, a 3rd-year student at the Higher School of Medicine, Kokshetau, representing Group OMA 217. On the distinguished occasion of December 23, 2023, our academic community had the privilege of hosting a lecture by the esteemed Minister of Science and Higher Education, Sayasat Nurbek, on the intricate subject of Artificial Intelligence.The lecture was a captivating exploration into the realm of Artificial Intelligence, with a specific focus on elucidating the technical intricacies and mechanisms underlying the revolutionary program known as "Google Brain." Minister Nurbek's adept explanations demystified complex terminologies, providing our cohort with a comprehensive understanding of this cutting-edge technology.During the interactive session, I had the honor of posing a question to Minister Nurbek. His patience and clear articulation in response reflected not only his profound knowledge but also his commitment to fostering a meaningful exchange of ideas within the academic community.I must acknowledge the humility and approachability of Minister Nurbek, traits that underscore his commitment to bridging the gap between academic leadership and students. The lecture was not merely informative but an enriching experience, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity.In conclusion, the discourse on Artificial Intelligence led by Minister Sayasat Nurbek was not only enlightening but also a testament to the progressive vision of our academic leadership. I am proud to have been part of this educational journey.