Auzhanova Mariya Assylkhanova

Auzhanova Mariya Assylkhanova

Assistant Professor

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Kokshetau branch of the Tselinograd Agricultural Institute

1985-1989 у , agronomy, specialty Scientist agronomist; 2001-2003 у graduate school Kokshetau University named after Sh.Ualikhanov

Main courses taught

Storage and processing technology; Seed science; Fodder production; Prospective RK field and forage crops; Modern crop protection agents; Evaluation of the quality of crop production; Theoretical Foundations of Modern Seed and seed crops

Academic degree

The candida of agricultural science

Scientific direction


Brief annotation of scientific and social activities

"Development of an innovative technology for increasing the productive longevity of alfalfa herbage in the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan"; "Organization of primary seed production of zoned and promising varieties of perennial grasses in the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan"« Erasmus+ Project NICOPA » «New and innovative courses for precision agriculture»

Member of the working group within the project

« Erasmus+ Project NICOPA » «Новые и инновационные курсы для точного сельского хозяйства»