Akhmetova Nurgul Pernebekovna

Akhmetova Nurgul Pernebekovna


E-mail: Education
  1. Teacher of biology (1999-2003 ENU named after L.N.Gumilyov)
  2. Master of Biology (2003-2005 ENU named after L.N.Gumilyov)
  3. PhD (2005-2008 ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov)
Main courses taught

Cytology and histology, Biometrics, Modern problems ofplant physiology.

Academic degree

PhD (biological sciences)

Scientific direction

Plant physiology

The topic of the candidate'sdissertation, doctoral dissertation

Research of the gibberellic acid and kinetins for the proteincomplex of wheat

Number of works

20 works (textbook-1, electronic educational andmethodical complex of disciplines-1)

Implementation of scientific projectsof grant, program-targeted financing,on a contractual basis for the last 5years

"Study of the composition and biological activity ofessential oils of plants in Central and Southeast Asia"2020-2022 (contract No. 94, May 22, 2020) performer.

The main scientific publications forthe last 5 years 2017-2022:

1. "Innovative technology in biology lessons" (undergraduateToktarova A.B.) // International scientific and practical conference"Ualikhanov readings - 22", April 2018. Kokshetau. Volume IVSection Biology and MP

2. "Organization and equipment of the biology classroom at school andthe role of technical means in the process of teaching biology" // XIVInternational Scientific and Practical Conference "Trends in modernscience - 2018" Dates: 30.05 – 07.06.2018Place of publication:Science and Education Ltd (England)

3. "Innovative technologies and innovations in education"(Durmekbaeva Sh.N., Akhmetova N.P.) // International scientific andpractical conference "Actual problems of source studies andhistoriography of national history" dedicated to the 80th anniversary ofthe Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Historical Sciences,Professor Abuev Kadyrzhan Kabidenovich and the formation of ahistorical specialty at KSU.Sh. Ualikhanov, 2019

4. Methods of using ampel plants in biology lessons. Internationalscientific and practical conference "Shokanov readings-23".Kokshetau, KSU. 2019 (Akhmetova N. P., Nagim M. A.)

5. Modern methods of conducting elective lessons in biology. //International scientific and practical conference "Shokan readings-23".Kokshetau, KSU. 2019 (Akhmetova N.P., Durmekbaeva Sh.N.)

6. Innovative technologies for the development of cognitive interest ofstudents in biology lessons. Treasurer's Readings No. 2, 2019Collection of scientific papers of the VIII International Scientific andPractical Conference under the general editorship of S.V. Treasurer.Novosibirsk, 2019. (Sokova O.T., Akhmetova N.P.)

7. Features of growing crops in conditions of drip irrigation. Searches,results. 2019/3., Almaty, KazNAU (Ospanbayeva Zh., DoszhanovaA., Maybasova A., Akhmetova N.)

8. Bioindication of the water quality of Lake Zerenda using microalgae.Polish journal of science No. 19 (2019) (authors Onerkhan G.,Durmekbaeva Sh.N., Akhmetova N.P.)

9. Biotesting of contamination of Lake Kopa using Chlorella SP-3Kcells Bulletin of Science and Education No.18 (72) September 2019(authors Onerkhan G., Durmekbaeva Sh.N., Akhmetova N.P.)

10. "Effective use of methods and techniques according to the updatededucational program in biology lessons " / / materials of the studentscientific and practical conference dedicated to the 185th anniversaryof Shokan Ualikhanov. Biology Section of Kokshetau 2020, pp. 110-113 (K.Perdebekova, N. Akhmetova)

11. Dendrochronology of Pinus sylvestris L. in Northern Kazakhstan(Kazakh Uplands) which has been designated a world heritage site byUNESCO Bulletin of KSU named after Sh.Ualikhanov No. 1, NaturalSciences series. Kokshetau 2020. Biology, pp.121-129T.((Karnaukhova, O.Sokova, akhmetova.)

12. Methods of organizing elective lessons in school biology Polish journal of science №41 2021 г авторы Ахметова Н, Хамитова Г, Шакиржанова И, Маймакова Д.)