Durmekbayeva Shynar Nurlybekovna

Durmekbayeva Shynar Nurlybekovna

Head of the Department

E-mail: Education

Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute named after Shakarim, majoringin Biology and Chemistry with honors. 1989-1994;

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, full-time postgraduate study inbotany; 1997-2000.

Main courses taught

Botany, methods of teaching biology, methods of teaching biology in ahigher educational institution, ecological anatomy of plants

Academic degree

Candidate of Biological Sciences

Scientific direction

Botany, Plant ecology, Structural botany

A brief summary ofscientific and socialactivities

He has more than 150 scientific papers, including 8 monographs, 1patent, 2 author's certificates, 3 articles in journals included in theScopus database. 1 textbook (recommended by the Ministry ofEducation and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan), 13 textbooks(7 of them recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science ofthe Republic of Kazakhstan).Head of thesis , master's dissertation, Research work of students

Implementation ofscientific projects ofgrant, program-targeted financing, ona contractual basis forthe last 5 years

  1. Republican project "Comprehensive assessment of the currentecological state of forests, biodiversity, economic value of terrestrialecosystems and analysis of the state and mapping of the soil cover ofthe SNNP "Burabai. The customer is the Office of the President of theSNNP "Burabay". Head of subproject No. 1: Conductingcomprehensive background studies of the territory of the StateNational Natural Park "Burabai".
  2. Republican grant financing project "Creation of a network of KAZCUNET children's universities" (contract no. 224/36-21-23 fromApril 15, 2021) – performer (2021-2023);
  3. International project of the World Bank "Strengthening thepotential of pedagogical education" (2021-2023)


Winner of the title "Best University Teacher of 2012" of theMinistry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;Winner of the state scholarship for young and talented scientists ofKazakhstan (2004-2006);A letter of thanks of the Ministry of Education and Science of theRepublic of Kazakhstan, 2018;A letter of thanks of the Minister of Education and Science (2018);A letter of thanks of the Vice-Minister of Education and Science(2020);Medal "For contribution to the development of UalikhanovUniversity II–degree" (2021);Honorary badge "For a special contribution to the development ofeducation and science of the University "50th anniversary of KSUnamed after Sh. Ualikhanov" (2012);Honorary lecturer of KSU named after Sh .Ualikhanov. A letter ofthanks of the Director of the Ministry of Education and Science of theRepublic of Kazakhstan (2019, 2020);Honorary diplomas of the rector of the university, letters of thanks,etc.

The main scientificpublications for thelast 5 years 2018-2022

  1. Suraganov, M. N., Yancheva, H. G., Memeshov, S. K., Seilkhanov, T. M., Durmekbayeva, Sh. N. Determination of saponins’ and coumarins’ content in melliot using the method of NMR spectroscopy // Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 2018, 10(6), P. 1597–1600. (indexed in the Scopus database). ISSN 09751459. URL: https://www.jpsr.pharmainfo.in/Documents/Volumes/vol10Issue06/jpsr10061861.pdf
  2. https://www.jpsr.pharmainfo.in/Documents/Volumes/vol10Issue06/jpsr10061861.pdf
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  4. Suraganov, M. N., Memeshov S. K., Yancheva Hr., Durmekbayeva, Sh. N. The influence of growth regulators on anatomical structure of sweet clover vegetative organs in the conditions of Akmola region // NEWS of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, series of agricultural sciences, Volume 4, number 46 (2018), 5 – 12, URL: http://rmebrk.kz/journals/3937/20514.pdf
  5. Khusainov A. T., Memeshov S. K., Durmekbayeva, Sh. N., Makhanova S. K., Fakhrudenova I. B., Kurmanbaeva A. S., Khusainova R.K. The current ecological situation of the State National Natural Park "Burabay", measures to improve it.-Kokshetau: World Press, 2019. - 340 p. ISBN 978-601-7582-82-1 (monograph) (in Russian, Kazakh)
  6. Memeshov S. K., Khusainov A. T., Sattybayeva Z. D., Durmekbayeva, Sh. N., Serikov S.I. Sois of the State National Naturе Park "Burabaу". - Kokshetau: The World of Printing, 2019. - 192 p. ISBN 978-601-7618-01-8 (monograph) (in Russian, Kazakh and English)
  7. Khusainov A. T., Memeshov S. K., Durmekbayeva, Sh. N., Makhanova S. K., Fakhrudenova I. B., Kurmanbaeva A. S., The current ecological situation of the State National Natural Park "Burabay", measures to improve it. Copyright Certificate, No. 6751 dated 29.11.2019. No. 6752 dated 29.11.2019.
  8. Fakhrudenova I. B., Durmekbayeva Sh., N., Makhanova S. K. Memeshov S. K., Bioindicative environmental assessment based on magnitude of fluctuating аsymmetry of Betula pendula // Bulletin of the Shakarim State University of Semey, 2020.-173-175., URL: https://shakarim.edu.kz/upload/science-journals/document_1643274607.pdf
  9. Naviy L., Nurmukhanbetova N.N., Durmekbayeva Sh.N., Fakhrudinova I.B., Damekova S.K. Рrospects of the children's university of Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau University / / Bulletin of the L. N. Gumilev Eurasian National University. Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociology series.– 2022. - No. 2. - pp. 54-62. URL: file:///C:/Users/kgu10/Downloads/2%20%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%B5%D1%80%202022%20(1).pdf
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