Gibadilova Aizhan Meiramovna

Gibadilova Aizhan Meiramovna


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Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University

Main courses taught

Микробиология, микробиология и вирусология, физиология развития школьников, основы биотехнологии, объекты биотехнологии, биометрия, общая и молекулярная генетика, основы зоологии, ботаники, анатомии, гистология.

Research area

Study of the characteristics of microorganisms and antimicrobial activity of various biological substrates.

A brief summary of scientific and social activities

Gibadilova A.M. conducts lessons with students of the Biology, Chemistry and Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnologyspecialties, as well as in all pedagogical university specialties.Methodological developments are designed to work in groups with the Russian language of learning and inmultilingual groups.Supervisor of thesis papers, student research works, pedagogical and industrial practices of students, scientificconsultant for school projects in the region, the member of the Appeal Commission for Entrance Examinations (UNT),the member of the Commission for city and regional subject Olympiads, the creative competitions of Biology teachers.Received one copyright certificate, two utility model patents.Participates in master classes, educational and methodological seminars, open lessons. She is the coordinator of theSummer School - 2022 of the Pedagogical Institute of Kokshetau University.

Main scientific publications for the last 5 years 2017-2022

  1. Zhumabayeva S.E., Poplavskaya N. V., Gibadilova A. M., Poplavskyi N. N. The study of the component composition and quality of tea by NMR spectroscopy / Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Almaty Technological University. Almaty: 2017. – Рр. 147-14.
  2. Zhumabayeva S.E., Poplavskyi N. N., Gibadilova A. M. The use of NMR-technique in chemosystematic plant study / / Materials of the IV Vavilov International Conference "N. I. Vavilov's Ideas in the Modern World". Saint Petersburg: 2017. - Р. 218.
  3. Dragomeretskaya I.V., Zhumabayeva S.E., Gibadilova A.M., Mrzabek A.A. Plant fruits as sources of food colorants / Kazakhstan Innovations - 18: Kokshetau: 2019. № 7. Рр. 3-8.
  4. Zhumabayeva S.E., Gibadilova A. M., Mrzabek A. Chemical compounds of berries and their health benefits / Eurasian Union of Scientists (ЕСУ) № 8 (65), 2019. Рр. 5-6.
  5. Zhumabayeva S.E., Gibadilova A. M., Bekturganova A. A. Biological characteristics of some species of Russulaceae family in Akmola region / Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Shokan oqulary-26. 2022. V. 1. Рр. 441-446.
  6. Zhumabayeva S.E., Gibadilova A. M., Bekturganova A. A. Ethnobotanical Studies of Plants in the North Kazakhstan / / Materials of the V All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Basic and applied research in priority areas of bioecology and biotechnology. Ulyanovsk: 2022. - Рp. 23-27.