Sokova Orynbasar Turgunovna

Sokova Orynbasar Turgunovna


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Petropavlovsk Pedagogical Institute named after K.D.Ushinsky.

Main courses taught

Human anatomy, Physiology of man and animals, Physiology of the development of schoolchildren

Number of works


The main scientific publications for the last 5 years 2017-2022:

  1. Sokova O.T., Koshanova M.T. (Kokshetau, Kazakhstan).Implementation of multilingual education: opportunities, problems andprospects Valikhanov Readings -21 p. 410. T-4.2017
  2. Sagalbekov U.M. Smailova G.T., Sokova O.T., Kusainova A.S.(Kokshetau, Kazakhstan). The content of coumarin in various typesand varieties of sweet clover Valikhanov readings -21 s 387 T-4. 2017
  3. Sokova O.T. Dosmukhanova Sh.D. Body defenses and ways tostrengthen them Treasury readings No. 1 “Education and training inmodern society; Actual Aspects of Theory and Practice” 2017. pp. 80-85 Novosibirsk, MSA(ZSO) Russia
  4. Sokova O.T., Mrzabek A.A. Monitoring of the state of thecardiorespiratory system of boys and girls aged 18-19. Materials of theinternational scientific and practical conference "Shokan oculars -22"dated April 27, 2018. Volume 4c. 385-388. Kokshetau
  5. Sokova O.T. Sharipova B.U. Noyan J. Integrated teaching ofbiology and English. Proceedings of the international scientific andpractical conference "Modern mathematical education: experience,problems, prospects" dated June 8, 2018. Volume 4c. 385-388.Kokshetau
  6. Sokova O.T., Koshanova M.T., Tasbulatova Zh.S. The role of theformation of self-determinations of the future specialist. Materials ofthe international scientific and practical conference "Modernpsychology and pedagogy: problems and solutions" dated July 28,2018. Russia, Novosibirsk
  7. Sokova O.T., Akhmetova N.P., Innovative technologies for thedevelopment of students' cognitive interest in biology lessons.Treasury readings No. 2 “Education and training in modern society;Actual Aspects of Theory and Practice” Novosibirsk, MSA(ZSO)Russia. 2019.p.135-140
  8. Khusainov A. T., Kyrzhbekova G. T., Esenzholov B. Kh., SokovaO. T., Shakirzhanova I. S. “Growth (germination) of oil flax seedswhen treated with ash and slag and carbon black preparations.”International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 60thanniversary of the Kokshetau University named after Sh. UalikhanovSection "Engineering and technology". T.2. - Kokshetau. 2022. - S.155-159.
  9. Akhmetova N.P., Sokova O.T., Shakirzhanova I.S., MaimakovaD.B. "The use of the test method in biology lessons and its features."International scientific-practical conference "Valikhanov readings-26:Vectors of development of Kazakhstani science in the context ofinteraction with the region", dedicated to the 60th University of Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau University, section "Natural Sciences". T-1. -Kokshetau. 2022. - S. 378-382.