Akhmetova Gulmira Berlibekovna

Akhmetova Gulmira Berlibekovna


E-mail: Education

ZhenPI special history and law, Almaty 1989-1994

Main courses taught

Philosophy, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Leadership and Youth Policy, Youth Policy.

Scientific direction

History, philosophy

A brief summary of scientific and social activities

Head of the Social and Political Club "Azamat". Scientific articles have been published. Educational work with students. Publications in the media and social networks on current socio-political topics.

Number of works

6 textbook, 11 article

Main scientific publications

Republics gylym-adistemelik basylym. Kazak tarikh magazine No. 10 (167) 12.2018. Takyryp: Activities of city public self-government bodies in county towns of the Steppe Territory in the late 19th – early 20th centuries.

80th anniversary of Kadyrzhan Kabydenuly Abuev. Kokshetau city. January 18, 2019. Topic: Demographic processes in county towns of the steppe region at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

April , 2018. Shokan studies-22nd international scientific conference. Topic: 1. Ch. Valikhanov’s significant contribution to the historiography of world and domestic history. 2.Democratic views of Sh. Ualikhanov.

October, 2019. Kazakhstan Republics. Almaty city. No.02. Bilim zholy nurly zholzhurnaly. Topic: New approaches and non-traditional forms of teaching in teaching history at school.

November, 2019 Eurasian Union of Scientists scientific journal, No. 11(68) Topic: The role of Russian and national intelligentsia in the development of education in the steppe region at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries.

April, 2019 Shokan oculars-23 halykaralyk gylymi-conference. Kokshetau kalasy, 26 sәuіr, 2019, Topic: S. Saduakasov zhane kogamdagy bіlіm take.

May, 2020 Khalykaralyk gylymi-tazhiribelik conference “Shokan oculars-24” Topic: General history and prospects for cooperation.

Shokan oculars -25 atty halykaralyk gylymi-practices conference Taqyryp: “Kogamdagy kundylyk bagdar zhuyecindegi dini kundylyktar”.

“Tauelsizdik Kazakhstan: tarikh zhane kazirgi zaman” atty halykaralyk gylymi-practices conference 1. “Alikhan Bokeikhan-tauelsizdik zhyrshysy”. 2. “Contribution of A.Kh. Margulan in the historiography of the history of Kazakhstan".