Shaimerdenova Zhanat Kanapiyanovna

Shaimerdenova Zhanat Kanapiyanovna


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Karaganda State University named after E. Buketov 1987

Main courses taught

Kazakhstan tarikhs,

Toleranttyk negizderi

New and modern history of Kazakhstan,

Duniezhuzi tarikhynn tarikhnamasy zhane derektanuy,

Historiography and source studies of world history,

Kazakhstan tarikhs anthropologyasTarikhs of adisnamAleumettan,

Tarikhs of adisnamAleumettan,




Political Science

A brief summary of scientific and social activities

Under the scientific guidance, students won prizes in the republican History Olympiads in 2012, 2022 and student project competitions in 2015. Every year, students participate in university and various national conferences.

From 2014 to 2018, she studied at the graduate school of the Bashkir State University of the Russian Federation


The best teacher of the KSU named after Sh. Ualikhanov in 2006

Medal for the 50th anniversary of the KSU named after Sh Ualikhanov 2012