Sharipov Akan Askarbekovich

Sharipov Akan Askarbekovich


E-mail: Education

Kokshetau University named after Sh. Ualikhanov (1999-2004)

Master's degree (2011-2013)

Main courses taught

The history of Kazakhstan, Political Science, Archaeology,

Academic degree

Master of Humanities

Scientific direction

The history of Kazakhstan

Brief summary of scientific and social activities:

1. A study of the history of Kazakhstan in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

2. Head of the working group on rehabilitation of former prisoners of war of the Regional Commission for the Complete Rehabilitation of victims of political Repression in 1920-1950 in Akmola region.

3.Member of the Scientific and Expert Council of the APK of Akmola region.4.The best researcher of the history of his native land 2008.