Utegenov Marat Zennatovich

Utegenov Marat Zennatovich

head of department

E-mail: Education

Kokshetau State University named after. Sh. Ualikhanov

Main courses taught

History of Kazakhstan

The topic of the candidate's dissertation, doctoral dissertation

The role of district towns of the Akmola region in the socio-economic and cultural development of the region (in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries).

Scientific direction

History of cities, activities of the national intelligentsia

A brief summary of scientific and social activities

Author of more than 50 scientific articles.

Chairman of the Scientific Expert Group under the ANC of Akmola region.

Head of the working group of the regional commission for the complete rehabilitation of political victims of the 20-50s of the twentieth century.

Scientific director of the research program at the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Botai" State Enterprise "Botai" MKS RK.

Chairman of the Council of Historians at the Museum of History and Local Lore of the Akmola Region.

Coordinator of the first JOP (joint educational program) at the university - OP “Agrocybernetics” (Digitalization of agricultural systems and complexes) together with the “International University of Information Technologies” (JSC “IIIT”) in Almaty and OP “Digital resources in construction, building and structures”.

The main scientific publications (provide the URL of the web page on the original website of the journal, where the publication is located on the Internet, or its Digital Object Identifier (DOI)).

Utegenov M.Z. Questions of history 2021. Evacuation of Soviet children to Central Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) No. 8(2) (co-authored). Web of Science, Q 3.


EVERYDAY RELIGIOUS LIFE OF GERMAN POPULATION IN NORTH KAZAKHSTAN REGION IN THE LATE 1950S. (co-author). European Journal of Science and Theology, 2022. ISSN 1842 - 8517


Utegenov M.Z. Kokshetau bald turgyndary. Kazakh tarihy No. 9. (166), 2018 (Shukeeva A.T. birge co-author)


Utegenov M.Z. Petropavl kalasynyn aleumettik-ekonomikalyk zhane sayasi zhagdayy (XX years ekіnshi zhartysy-XX years basses)/ EAGI Bulletin. 2019 No. 2 (Bazarov K.T. birge co-author).


Utegenov M.Z. Akmola baldness khalkynyn kalyptasuy. Kazakh tarihy No. 6. (183), 2020 (Kapbasova D.S. birge co-author)


Utegenov M.Z. “Halyktardy kushtep konys audaru – Akmola oblysynda polyethnikalyk halyktyn kalyptasuynyn bir factors retinde” / Electronic scientific journal “edu.e-history.kz” No. 4. 2020 (Kapbasova D.S. birge co-author).