Zhantemirova Madina Baltabayeva

Zhantemirova Madina Baltabayeva


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Tselinograd State Institute named after S. Seifullin.Bachelor's degree. 1988-1993 KokshetauUniversity named after Sh. Ualikhanov. Magistracy.Pedagogy and Psychology, 2011-2013.

Main courses taught

Psychology, Theory and practice of psychotraining, Family counseling, Gender psychology, Psychology of extreme situations


Participation in the GF project


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  2. Scientific aspects of the development of students' creative thinking for innovation. Materials of the XI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern trends in science, technology, education". – Smolensk: International Scientific Information Center "Naukosphere", 2020.
  3. Postquit reflection: assessment of the level ofpsychological health of schoolchildren during the periodof making up for losses in learning Journal Bulletin of theL.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University No.1(138)/2022, Pedagogy series. Psychology. Sociology
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