The Department of Academic Development provides planning, organization, monitoring and quality control of the educational process, coordinates the academic and organizational and methodological work of the university teaching staff. The Department ensures the quality of the academic and methodological, regulatory, informational, organizational and consultative work.

The Department includes:

The Center of planning academic and methodological work

The Registrar Office

- Центр карьеры и трудоустройства

The Distance Educational Technologies Center

Департамент академического развития:

  1. Defines strategic priorities for the development of the University educational activities and ensures the integration of education, science and innovation.
  2. Coordinates the activities of institutes and schools and structural units for the development and implementation of the University academic policy.
  3. Forms a portfolio and regular updating of the University educational programs.
  4. Participates in the formation and development of human resources.
  5. Develops the main approaches to teaching and methodological support of disciplines.
  6. Coordinates the process of forming a contingent of students and organizes career guidance work.
  7. Coordinates the activities of institutes and schools for the organization of professional practices and employment of graduates.
  8. Ensures the organization of the collegial bodies work, commissions and author groups at the institutes and schools concerning academic issues and represents the position of the University at the republican collegial bodies, as well as the university cooperation with other universities and organizations.
  9. Defines the basic requirements for the organization and logistical support of the academic process.
  10. Provides planning, organization, coordination and monitoring of the academic process.
  11. Organizes the introduction of academic and digital innovations into the academic process in order to increase the learning process effectiveness.
  12. Keeps constant records and monitoring of the student contingent, based on document flow and data analysis.
  13. Organizes consultative and advisory activities on educational, methodological and scientific-methodological issues at the Republican Educational and Methodological Council.