Direction of activity:

- monitoring and coordination of the university's activities in the main strategically important areas of development;

- planning, organizing and monitoring the implementation of corrective and preventive actions to achieve the strategic goals of the university;

- ensuring the implementation of the university's quality policy and objectives;

- organization of the university's participation in national and international rankings of educational programs at three levels (bachelor's, master's, doctoral);

- carrying out activities to prepare for the accreditation of educational activities in the main educational programs;

- informational, methodological and organizational support of accreditation procedures for educational programs;

- organization of quality management system maintenance in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

To achieve the set goals , DSAaQM provides the solution of the following tasks:

- organization of the strategic planning process, including at the level of structural divisions and areas of activity;

- analysis and evaluation of indicators and indicators of the strategic plan, development plan;

- organization and support of the procedure of institutional accreditation of the university and specialized accreditation of educational programs;

- organization of systematic work to meet the requirements of national ratings of educational programs;

- coordination of the development of internal regulatory documents that meet the requirements of ministries, accreditation standards, international standard ISO 9001, regulating the activities of the university;

- monitoring of the functioning of the quality management system and satisfaction of consumers of educational services;

- conducting internal audits to analyze the university's quality management system;

- coordination of licensing activities for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs.

Head of the Department– Turtkarayeva Gulnara Bayanovna

Contacts – 8(7162) 255596, 255173,