Implementation of information and informational and reference bibliographical services to users in support of research, studying and educational activities.

The main tasks of the sector:

carrying out a set of information activities to provide information about the library fund, electronic resources to users, including new acquisitions;

Reference and bibliographic services for library users

Providing library users with access to Internet resources, an electronic catalog, electronic information resources of the university in accordance with information requests.

Sector of information and bibliographic processes and digitalization is located in Building 2, 30 Temirbekova Street, room 110. Virtual library service is provided on WhatsApp number: 87052563865

Head of the informational and bibliographic sector: Iskakova Saltanat Esentaevna

Programmer for the organization and storage of electronic resources

Science room

The Science room of the Ualikhanov KU library is located in Building 2, room 324.

The main functions of the science room:

providing consultation for research work with abstracts and dissertations;

selecting and providing information for research work (access to the library's traditional fund and electronic resources: open, subscribed external full-text electronic databases);

providing open access to the collection of rare fund;

- informing and digitizing rare fund, abstracts;

- assignment of the LBC and UDC indexes.

virtual service for researchers is provided via a WhatsApp number: 8 705 256 38 65

Working hours: 9.00 - 18.00, lunch break 13.00-14.00

Days off: Saturday, Sunday