The office of the registrar was established in 2011 in accordance with the updated rules for organizing the educational process on credit technology of education (approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 152 on the 04.20.2011) by reorganizing the educational and methodological center.

Office registrar - an academic service that registers the entire history of a student's educational achievements and ensures the organization of all types of knowledge control and the calculation of his academic rating. The office of the registrar is designed to organize the educational process on the credit technology of education, control the quality of students' knowledge, take into account the movement of the contingent of students and prepare statistical reports.

The office performs the following functions:

formation of individual plans of students;

assistance in choosing a learning trajectory and mastering the educational trajectory during the period of study;

maintaining the history of educational achievements of students throughout the entire period of study, which is reflected in the transcript;

organization and conduct of intermediate certification, calculation of the academic rating of students (annual registrar of the transferable GPA); organization of testing of students;

preparation and approval of orders for the movement of students;

issuance of duplicates of lost diplomas and applications, certificates from the place of study, transcripts;

managing the process of compiling academic records for all faculties, coordinating the grading policy;

registration and accounting of the movement of the contingent of students at the university; filling out forms of state reporting on the progress and movement of the contingent of students;

assistance in the preparation of documents for the award of educational grants released in the process of obtaining higher and postgraduate education, scholarships established by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

filling in all the indicators of students in the «НОБД» system;

work closely with the automated information system implemented at the university when applying for student applicants for the competition for awarding vacant educational grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and issuing academic certificates;

to minimize the number of paper media by replacing information with electronic media;

continuously expand and improve the information base on all positions of the educational and methodological activities of the university;

contribute to the improvement of the provision of educational services at the university.