Banking technologies and financial analytics
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

1 year

Objectives of the educational program

The purpose of the educational program: high-quality training of personnel in the field of banking technologies and financial analytics, able to work in the conditions of digitalization, have competitive advantages, meet the modern demands and needs of the labor market of financial services.

Financial consulting

Desk control and financial monitoring

dynamic financial analysis, innovative banking services; analysis of the financial potential of business in the development of the region; modern approaches to the examination of the risk of social vulnerability of the subject of credit relations; promotion of banking products; forecasting and analysis of bank sales.

Learning outcomes and competencies

Ability to collect information in scientific research and draw conclusions when discussing in a professional environment using language skills;

Systematization of patterns and trends in the development of organization and management in the context of economic modernization;

Analysis of the movement of resources and assessment of financial results, highlighting problems at the present stage;

Research and development of in-demand banking technologies based on innovative approaches;

Development of financial support as one of the most important components and effective methods of financial analysis to increase productivity;

Forecasting the socio-economic situation and determining further directions for the development of banking technologies and markets for financial services;

Identification and warning of consumer requests based on continuous marketing research, combining them with the capabilities of banking institutions;

PPE carries out risk assessment with the definition of scale and possible consequences, as well as develops recommendations for their prevention and Prevention.

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