Life safety and environmental protection
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects


Objectives of the educational program

  • Bachelor's degree training in the field of services based on fundamental natural science knowledge and the formation of professional competencies in demand in industrial, technological, organizational, managerial and research activities in the field of industrial safety and ecology.


The introduction of modern engineering safety technologies into the learning process, used in the design of an engineering safety system in industries, construction and operation of civil, industrial, transport, and municipal facilities

  • Organization and management of environmental management in industry
  • Fundamentals of radiation safety
  • Protection of atmospheric air from pollutiony
  • Legal foundations of ecology and life safet
  • Rescue equipment and emergency communications
  • Technical regulation of industrial safety
  • Aspiration and disposal of industrial waste
  • Certification of production facilities according to working conditions
  • Engineering systems, networks and equipment
  • First aid methods
  • Metrology, standardization and certification in the Belarusian Railways
  • Ensuring chemical and biological safety
  • Fundamentals of electrical safety
  • Fire and explosion safety
  • Industrial sanitation and occupational hygiene
  • Heat engineering
  • Environmental assessment and audit
  • The economy of the enterprise
  • Expertise of engineering solutions by industry

Learning outcomes and competencies

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