BIM design of buildings and structures
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects


Objectives of the educational program

Training of qualified communication personnel with in-depth skills in the application of information technologies in the field of construction that meet the current requirements of the regional, national and international labor market



The introduction of modern IM technologies into the learning process used in the design, construction and operation of civil, industrial, transport, and municipal facilities

  • Architecture of residential and public buildings
  • Geodesy
  • Geotechnics
  • Technology and organization of repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures
  • Calculation of metal structures according to Eurocodes
  • Building structures I
  • Building materials
  • Construction mechanics
  • Technology of construction production
  • Resistance of materials
  • Calculation and reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures
  • Theoretical mechanics
  • 3D modeling in the Revit program
  • Architectural design in the Revit program
  • Structures made of wood and plastics
  • Modeling of construction production of special structures
  • Information technologies for the design and calculation of unique and special structures
  • Organization of construction of buildings and structures
  • 3D modeling of buildings and structures
  • Technology of construction of buildings and structures
  • Engineering systems of buildings and structures
  • Inspection and technical operation of buildings
  • Engineering and information innovations
  • Information technologies in architectural and construction design
  • Composite structural materials
  • Construction machinery and equipment
  • Pricing in construction
  • Digital modeling and management in construction

Learning outcomes and competencies

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