Kazakh philology
Educational program code


Language of instruction


Learning level

Doctoral Studies

Duration of study

3 year

Objectives of the educational program

Preparation of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) who participates in fundamental in applied domestic and international projects in the scientific environment in compliance with ethical principles in science with the analysis of trends and scientific directions of the development of world and kazakh philological science with the protection of his own scientific views based on evidence, with the formation of openness, tolerance, humanistic qualities in accordance with the demands of the labor market in the world educational space.

  • Academic writing
  • Research methods

  • Modern world literary trend
  • Fiction anthropology and conditional metaphorical prose
  • Scientific priorities in the Kazakh philology of the second half of the twentieth century and the beginning of the XXI century
  • Kazakh philology and innovative technologies
  • Cognitive basis of regional onomastics

Learning outcomes and competencies