kazakh philology
Educational program code


Language of instruction


Learning level


Duration of study

2 years

Objectives of the educational program

Preparation of a Master of Humanities who meets the needs of society in the labor market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who owns a system of scientific knowledge in the context of the paradigm of higher education in fundamental and applied sciences of the world and national scale, based on anthropocentrism and aimed at forming new conceptual ideas in the theory and practice of philological sciences, able to apply his knowledge in pedagogical practice and in solving social and professional problems.

  • History and philosophy of sciences
  • Pedagogy of higher school
  • Management psychology
  • Foreign language (Professional)
  • Research culture and scientific ethics

  • Actual problems of modern Kazakh terminology
  • Problems of motivology in modern Kazakh linguistics
  • Functional-communicative syntax of modern kazakh language
  • The basics of nomitation theory
  • Linguistics of the text
  • Theoretical problems of functional stylistics
  • The structure of poetics
  • New directions of linguistics: psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics
  • New directions of literary studies
  • Methodology of the higher school
  • Literary editorial office
  • The social meaning of modern kazakh literary language
  • Historical poetics of kazakh folklore

Learning outcomes and competencies

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