3D Modeling Engineer in Mining
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects


Objectives of the educational program

Training of qualified critically thinking personnel in the field of mining modeling, possessing professional and personal competencies that meet the current requirements of the regional and republican labor market, necessary to carry out production and design activities using modern 3D modeling programs.



The introduction of modern 3D modeling programs into the learning process used in the design, modeling, construction and operation of production facilities in the mining industry.

  • Academic Writing
  • Information and communication technologies (in English)
  • Sociology
  • Geodesy
  • Physical Culture
  • Engineering Geology
  • Information technologies in the design of a mining enterprise
  • Leadership and youth policy
  • Kazakh/Russian language
  • Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Mathematics 1
  • Mathematics 2
  • Cultural studies
  • Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics
  • Regulatory rules in subsurface use
  • Educational practice
  • Fundamentals of mining
  • Fundamentals of law and anti-corruption culture
  • Production practice
  • Processing and enrichment of minerals
  • Design and construction of mining enterprises
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Resistance of materials
  • Information design of aerology of mining enterprises
  • Engineering computer calculations in mining production
  • Theoretical mechanics
  • Fundamentals of life safety
  • Physics
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign language
  • Shock science
  • Ecology of mining production
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • Fundamentals of Economics and entrepreneurship

  • 3D modeling in the Revit program
  • 3D modeling of quarries
  • 3D modeling of underground workings
  • GIS in the surveying business
  • Mining and transport vehicles for open-pit mining
  • Mining and transportation machines for underground mining
  • 3D modeling of the technological process of underground mining
  • Engineering and information innovations
  • 3D modeling of the technological process at the quarry
  • Mine surveying in open-pit mining
  • Mine surveying in underground mining
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Fundamentals of management and marketing
  • CAD Basics
  • Occupational safety and industrial safety at mining enterprises
  • Rules for conducting drilling and blasting operations
  • Open-pit mining processes
  • Underground mining processes
  • Rock destruction and process modeling
  • Technology and complex mechanization of open-pit mining
  • Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining operations
  • Mountain pressure management
  • Array State Management
  • Rock Physics
  • Environmental and industrial safety
  • Economics and planning of a mining enterprise
  • Expertise of engineering solutions by industry

Learning outcomes and competencies

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