Mathematics - Computer Science
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects


Objectives of the educational program

  • Training of multilingual teaching staff in mathematics and computer science foreducational institutions, including small schools in the northern region ofKazakhstan in accordance with the concept of updated educational content
  • Formation of Kazakhstani and civic patriotism among future teachers, love for thenational and cultural riches and traditions of Kazakhstan, respect for the law, thenorms of democracy, the development of social responsibility; skills ofmulticultural and multilingual cooperation
  • Development of self-improvement abilities of the future teacher's personality andsocialization skills in a professional environment for lifelong learning


The educational program 6B01508 Mathematics-Computer Science is aimed at forming apositive attitude to the teaching profession among future teachers of mathematics andcomputer science, increasing the prestige and authority of the teacher, creating conditionsfor the socialization and development of personal qualities of the teacher: leadership,entrepreneurship, creativity, creativity, environmental culture.

  • Academic writing
  • Programming languages
  • Education management and digitalization
  • Geometry I
  • Inclusive education
  • Computer graphics (CorelDRAW, AutoCAD)
  • Criteria assessment technologies
  • Mathematical analysis I
  • Methods of teaching mathematics
  • Theory and methodology of teaching mathematics
  • Mathematical analysis II
  • Physiology of school development
  • Methods of teaching computer science
  • Pedagogy
  • Introduction to the teaching profession
  • Theory and methodology of educational work


Web technologies

Algebra and Number Theory I

Algebra and Number Theory II

Geometry II

User interface design

Differential equations

Additional questions of school geometry

Project activities and methods of scientific and technical information search

Computer architecture and computer networks

Fundamentals of computer system design

Computer video editing and animation

Integral calculus of functions of many variables. Field theory.

Ordinary differential equations

Workshop on solving math problems 2

Methodological foundations of solving problems of mathematics 2

Methodological foundations of solving problems of mathematics I

Workshop on solving mathematical problems I

Mathematical analysis III

Interdisciplinary connections in teaching mathematics

Non-standard problems of mathematics

Object-oriented programming (Borland C++Builder)

Object-oriented programming (Visual C#)

Digital image processing

Basics of programming in C++

Fundamentals of robotics

Basics of C programming#

Number theory

Fundamentals of Digital Electronics

Nonstandard equations and inequalities

Linear algebra and elements of set theory

Probability theory and mathematical statistics

Elements of probability theory, combinatorics and statistics

Creation of an electronic educational resource

Learning outcomes and competencies

Other educational programs