Management by industry (sp)
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

2 years

Objectives of the educational program

The purpose of this educational program is to provide high-quality training of masters in the field of management who meet modern demands and needs of society, possess new knowledge and competencies, new technologies, have competitive advantages, and are able to work in conditions of integration of the country's economy into the world economic community.

Professional management

Corporate governance

Financial Management (advanced course)

Risk management

Tax management

Strategic management

Innovation policy

Investment management

Time management

Organization of enterprise planning and management

Public procurement management

Learning outcomes and competencies

Be able to communicate effectively with others, convey your thoughts, both in writing and orally;

Be able to work in a team, correctly defend your point of view, offer new solutions;

Be able to navigate modern information flows and adapt to dynamically changing phenomena and processes in the global economy;

Possess knowledge in the field of economics, financial management, skills and abilities to analyze projects, develop control and evaluation material

The ability to apply the acquired knowledge for solutions in conditions of free entrepreneurial activity, work on economics, financial analysis and management, the introduction of innovative methods

Be able to organize the acquired knowledge to study the processes and patterns of organization and operational work on the basis of modern management, organization of workplaces

Analyze and plan your professional activities the ability to apply the acquired knowledge for decisions and work on analysis and management;

The ability to monitor compliance with the requirements for the preparation of documentation for building the structure of the enterprise, effectively manage the finances of the enterprise

Apply knowledge and understanding in the promotion and defense of an economic decision in the conditions of

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