«Management in Industries» (Мajor/ Мinor)
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects


Objectives of the educational program

Training of personnel competitive in the labor market, capable of solving professional problems in management, organizational, economic, planning and financial, marketing, information and analytical, design and research, diagnostic, innovation, methodological, consulting activities, with practical skills and leadership qualities.

The Kazakh (Russian) language

Foreign language

Informative-communicative technologies in English

Modern History of Kazakhstan



Political Science


Cultural studies

Physical education

Economic theory




Mathematics in Economics



Fundamentals of Accounting


The Office work and Latin graphics

Business organization

Personnel Management

Basics of Strategic Management

Innovation Management

Production Management

Development of administrative decisions

Financial management

Study training

Practical training

Prediploma training

Professional Kazakh (Russian) language

Professional foreign language

Fundamentals of financial literacy

Computer design

Bases of robotics

Excursion Study


Academic Writing

Business Psychology and Communicative Management

Human resources management

Taxes and taxation

Money, credit, banks

Bank management

Basics of corporate governance


Management and control of public procurement


Economic-mathematical modeling

Enterprise economy

State regulation of Economy

International management

Financial markets and intermediaries

Theory of Public Administration

Municipal Management

Quality Management

Project Management

Financial analysis

Enterprise Competitiveness Management

Computerization of accounting

Management in industries

Management in the service sector

Learning outcomes and competencies

to know the basics of state and world culture, labor legislation, social regulation, to comply with the norms of business ethics, to strive for spiritual growth;

possess information technology, information management skills, use language skills in the professional field;

be able to use mathematical models for economic calculations;

know the basics of Finance in the context of financial, fiscal and economic policy

to be able to choose effective forms of organization and management of the enterprise, taking into account their specifics and specific conditions of activity

know the basics of strategic and tactical management at the global and local level

know the basics of labor protection, record keeping, quality control;

to be able to make management decisions, to plan and manage time rationally, to establish a favorable psychological microclimate in organizations of various fields of activity;

be able to analyze and interpret the financial information contained in the financial statements of enterprises of different ownership forms.

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