"Mineral enrichment"
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects


Objectives of the educational program

Training of qualified critically thinking personnel in the field of mineral processing and integrated use of natural mineral raw materials and man-made formations with professional and personal competencies, attitudes and values that meet the current requirements of the regional and republican labor market, necessary to carry out production and design activities using modern computer-aided design systems at processing plants.


Relevance of the Educational program

Preparation of graduates for design and technological activities in the field of mining and processing of minerals, including rare earth metals, implementation of measures to improve the level of technical equipment and environmental safety at processing plants; creation, operation of technical systems and process control at mining and processing plants in Kazakhstan.

  • Engineering Geology
  • Ecology of mining production
  • Design of processing plants
  • Magnetic enrichment methods
  • Electrical enrichment methods
  • Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics
  • Theoretical mechanics
  • Fundamentals of mining
  • Fundamentals of mineral processing
  • Regulatory rules in subsurface use
  • Organization and planning of production
  • Fundamentals of management and marketing  
  • Technology of enrichment of non-metallic minerals
  • Technology for the enrichment of rare metal ores
  • Technology of enrichment of ferrous ores
  • Technology of enrichment of non-ferrous metal ores
  • Occupational safety and industrial safety at mining and processing enterprises   
  • _engr62308 Environmental and industrial safety
  • Gravitational enrichment methods
  • Coal enrichment
  • Geodesy and surveying in open-pit mining
  • Geodesy and surveying in underground mining
  • _engr62116physics ofrocks
  • _engr62149 Rock Mechanics
  • Processes and devices of enrichment production
  • Fundamentals of metallurgy
  • _ENGR62174 Expertise of engineering solutions by industry
  • _ENGR62175 Engineering and information innovations
  • _ENGR62173 3D modeling in the Revit program
  • Hydroaeromechanics of enrichment processes
  • Mineral processing technologies
  • Ore preparation processes and equipment
  • Development of innovative technology in enrichment
  • Mineral exploration for enrichment
  • Special and combined enrichment methods
  • Power supply and automation of the enrichment process
  • Modeling of enrichment processes and schemes
  • Technological mineralogy
  • Geological and technological assessment of mineral deposits

Learning outcomes and competencies

Demonstrate basic knowledge of natural sciences, socio-humanitarian and economic disciplines that contribute to the formation of a highly educated personality with a broad outlook and a culture of thinking; understand the importance of principles and culture of academic integrity;

Perform team work, formulate and argue your point of view based on your chosen personal position

Critically evaluate new scientific and technical information in the mining and processing industry for its implementation in the technological process, taking into account the requirements of the modern labor market;

Conduct production instruction on the implementation of the rules of OT and TB, PS, technical operation of equipment and tools, as well as monitoring their compliance;

To monitor compliance with production and technological discipline, requirements for the quality of work performed in production, rules for the operation of equipment for mineral processing, labor protection, fire protection, measures to protect the subsoil and the environment;  

Demonstrate the ability to maintain technical documentation on the main enrichment and processing processes;

Be able to work with general and special purpose software products used for the extraction and processing of solid minerals, taking into account production, technological, organizational and financial risks arising in market conditions;.

To use modern technologies and methods of processing minerals, taking into account the required product quality.

Critically evaluate new scientific and technical information in the field of mining and processing industry, the ability to develop basic regulatory documents regulating the procedure for performing production work, Use self-organization and self-development skills to improve professionalism throughout life.

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